Our Story

CWK Network, founded by Sam and Stacey DeWitt, is a family-operated business with a quarter-century commitment to creating positive social change. Stacey, a broadcast journalist, and attorney joined forces with her husband Sam, a gourmet food entrepreneur with a keen interest in current events and civics education. Their children, Keith and Chandler, now adults, play integral roles within the company. Keith serves as CWK’s Creative Director, while Chandler acts as a Consulting Supervising Producer and Development Director for CWK television programs.
Alongside the DeWitt family, the CWK team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and expertise, united in their commitment to promoting inclusion, belonging, and enhancing social, emotional, and mental health for all.

Insightfully harnessing the influence of media, CWK Network collaborated with a local ABC station in Little Rock, Arkansas, to launch a syndicated news service addressing pressing social and cultural issues. This initiative evolved into the Emmy-winning “Connect with Kids” docuseries, reaching 55 million households annually, accompanied by educational resources distributed online where parents and educators could download print materials and discussion questions for students.

CWK Network expanded its slate of programs emphasizing social and emotional development, mental health, and critical thinking skills directly to schools through digital platforms. The company developed a unique production strategy rigorously tested through independent research and received designations as an “Effective Producer of Programs” by the U.S. Department of Education and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

CWK Network embraced new opportunities, sharing the original stories of school districts and organizations dedicated to enhancing the social and emotional health and well-being of students and families. This marked a significant expansion and commitment to amplify the voices of adults at the forefront of positive change in educational communities and to tell the success stories of underserved students and families.

CWK Network released the feature documentary Defining US, Children at the Crossroads of Change, promoting the vital importance of discussing issues of identity and advocating for culturally responsive education in schools nationwide. This powerful film sparks crucial conversations and fosters a deeper understanding of the need for inclusivity and empathy in our schools.

CWK Network continues to innovate programming and resources, securing national grants to develop post-COVID social impact films and forging partnerships to produce compelling documentary series. The company has also launched an elevated engagement content marketplace, prioritizing continuous learning and empowerment for diverse audiences.

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